Cloud Support

When it comes to cloud adoption, choosing the apt SaaS solutions, Cloud-based development platform, targeting the right audience are the essentials.

With our proven practices for establishing solutions in the cloud, WarblerIT can help you make an informed decision for casting your prospect business applications and satisfy end customer.

We specialize in public, private and managed cloud services, embracing enterprise-class technology to assure convenience, performance, scalability, and security. Together we can combine what you do best with what we do best, giving you agile solution and competitive advantage.

We are actively helping our clients migrate to the cloud to minimize costs and scalability as business demands. We offer cloud services on Amazon Web Services, MS Azure, Google cloud services and OpenStack cloud ranging the following scope of engagement:

  • Setup and Configuration
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Data Migration to Cloud
  • Consumption and Billing Optimization

Our Cloud Solution and Process

Assessment and Strategy

Our team helps outline an extensive cloud adoption model appropriate for clients operational requirements. Our process includes assessment of compatible technology platforms that fit our client business needs, product scalability, and high performance with a security guarantee.

Platform Migration

Our cloud experts assist clients to decide and choose the right cloud required (private, public or hybrid) and build it accordingly to meet your business and IT requirements.

Platform Development Solutions

Our development professionals follow a structured process that involves design, development, testing, and implementation of clients SaaS solution on suggested cloud platforms.